How It Works — The PSD to HTML Process

Workflow Process to Convert Designs to XHTML/CSS, CMS, & More

To convert your designs to HTML pages, CMS themes or HTML Emails, we follow the same general workflow process. The steps below provide an overall view of how htmlBlender approaches the markup programming and design integration process.

3 Steps for Perfect Markup & Design Integration

Step 1 — Upload Your Design & Select Options

Step 2 — We Review & Begin Coding Process

Step 3 — We Deliver & Support Our Code

Step 1 — Upload Your Design & Select Options

Designs are accepted in almost any graphic or archive format and can be uploaded during the order process. You can indicate your preferred delivery time and select from an extensive list of markup options and browser compatibility requirements. Custom theme development packages are also available for popular third party applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento and more.

Step 2 — We Review & Begin Coding Process

Once your order is submitted, our team will review your files and any additional instructions you provided. If there are any questions, we will contact you right away. When all tasks are clear, the coding process begins and you will be notified that the project has started. Under normal production loads, most orders* received before 3PM EST (GMT-5) are reviewed and started on the same business day.

* Custom quotes and larger scope development projects may have extended timelines. Details are available in the proposal provided by your project manager.

Step 3 — We Deliver & Support Our Code

Depending on the scope of your project, progress reports may be sent for your review and feedback. Otherwise, full delivery is sent after development is complete and our quality assurance team approves your code. All markup orders receive a browser compatibility report. More details on what items are delivered per project type are below.

Delivery is not the end! We fully support our code. We work hard to ensure our initial delivery is pixel perfect and scalable for your future requirements. However, in the event that revisions are required, turnaround time is generally 24 hours or less. In-scope revisions are supported indefinitely.

What Are Turnaround Times?

htmlBlender has the resources and experience to provide quick delivery times without sacrificing quality. You may select your preferred turnaround time during the order process. More information on turnaround times is below:

Markup Programming & PSD to HTML Projects:
For a standard PSD to HTML markup order, the first page can be processed in as little as 8 hrs (one business day). This allows time for the hand coding process, quality assurance and browser compatibility testing. More time is required for multiple page orders or those with complex JavaScript elements.

Software Implementation & Design Integration Projects:
Turnaround times for implementation projects vary per application, but a 2-3 business day turnaround is required for most applications. More time may be required if the project's scope involves extended or custom functionality.

Website Design Projects:
Delivery of the initial concept and home page design is usually delivered within 2-3 business days. Delivery times for inside pages depend upon the scope of your design project. Time estimates will be provided by your project manager.

Revisions & Change Requests:
Revisions are generally processed within 24 hours or less. If more time is required, you will be notified by your project manager.

Important Note:
Turnaround times are estimates only and can vary depending upon your projectís complexity and our current production loads. We make every effort to meet deadlines. If your are submitting a time sensitive project, please contact us to make arrangements.

What Items Are Delivered?

For PSD to HTML markup projects, deliverables are provided in an archive (ZIP format) containing the following items:

Depending on your project's requirements, separate CSS and JS files may not be necessary. Please note that a sliced PSD is not returned since we hand code the XHTML/CSS and do not use HTML export utilities from Photoshop or any other graphic editors.

Orders for custom themes, skins and templates receive an initial markup delivery as described above. We then install, configure and theme your selected application on our staging server for your review. Once complete, we provide you with an archive of the theme directory and supporting assets or can even install and migrate the application to your server for you.

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The PSD to HTML Process

To convert your designs or PSD to XHTML/CSS, we closely follow the three general steps mentioned above. After a thorough review of your design files, layers and any additional notes we begin the coding process. Supported markup options include various coding methods, layout style, browser compatibility choices, font options, semantic options and dynamic JavaScript elements. We perform all coding by hand and do not use any WYSIWYG or generator tools.

More information about the conversion process can be found on our PSD to HTML services page.

The PSD to CMS Process

Converting your designs into a custom theme, skin or template is a two-phase process.

Phase 1:
First, we hand code and convert your PSD to XHTML/CSS markup. After your review and approval of the markup, we begin the theme development.

Phase 2:
The second phase involves the integration of the markup code throughout your chosen 3rd party application. Our task is to provide you with a fully customized theme with valid W3C compliant markup throughout the application's entire user interface.

To learn more about the PSD to CMS process visit our PSD to Anything services page.

The PSD to Email Process

During the PSD to Email process, we follow standards set forth by the Email Standards Project and utilize coding methods which ensure that your email is rendered consistently across all modern platforms. Methods include table based coding, absolute paths to images and more.

We also support integration into popular email marketing services. Learn more on our PSD to Email services page.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to quality — delivering the highest quality code and providing excellent customer care.

We've transformed this fundamental value into concrete action by establishing and maintaining the highest standards throughout our company. We continually review and adjust our internal procedures, coding methods and employee training programs, to ensure that we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.


Ultimate Customer Care

Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service to our clients. We recognize this is the most crucial factor in maintaining long term business relationships. As our highest priority, this commitment excellence is evident in our continuous efforts to improve our support services and systems: Client Area, Ticket System, Online Chat, Phone Support.


Quality and Coding Guidelines

These below items represent our commitment to producing the highest quality code possible:

  • Markup to match the original design exactly, with cross browser compatibility.
  • Clean code structure optimized for search engine friendly / semantic standards.
  • Logical and intuitive CSS class / selectors naming conventions. (Client recommended protocols accepted).
  • Optional accessibility support for a variety of standards (WGAC, Section 508, etc.)


Validation Adherence

htmlBlender strictly follows W3C guidelines to ensure the highest quality hand coding service possible. When placing your order, you are able to select your required level of W3C guidelines.

  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • W3C Valid HTML 4.01
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We value your business and want you to be happy with our services. htmlBlender backs up our commitment to excellence with a Satisfaction Guarantee and Money Back Policy.

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